The company LEQM in Gothenburg is run by IT-entrepreneur Robert Wigemo. The reason he started the company was to fill an obvious gap in the market, with the simple aim of providing sophisticated project management systems for professional project managers.

After working with project management in the automotive industry for several years, it was obvious to Wigemo that existing project management systems did not measure up. Too often complex Excel setups were used, even in large, complex projects. Wigemo realized that this way of working was extremely sub-optimal and he abandoned his project management career in order to develop better project management systems. As an experienced project manager his aim was to develop applications tailored directly to the project.

Development projects in the automotive industry, for example, are extremely complex. It comes down to maintaining control over costs, details, events and parameters; identifying problems before they arise and maintaining a complete and continuous overview in real time. This is what the software from LEQM aims to achieve – full control over every aspect of a project.

The current LEQM products are VPL (Virtual Project Leader®), VAL (Virtual APQP Leader™) and VFL (Virtual Finance Leader™). Each program is naturally tailored to the user's function and needs and all project data is transmitted easily from the user's existing systems. The offer from LEQM includes initial demonstration, transmission of data, assistance with installation, basic training and support. In short, everything that can help project managers to perform their work professionally.

Our project management system VPL® is used by a variety of customers in Europe, China and USA. VPL® is standard at the leading automotive manufacturer in Sweden, which has more than 1600 users.

The investment cost in any of the programs is almost negligible in relation to the substantial benefits to be had in the form of superior control, better anticipation and more distinct projections in each individual project.