Virtual APQP Leader™

VAL™ is a tool developed specifically for APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). APQP is a methodology for ensuring the quality of projects related to development of new products.

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Tailor made for APQP

VAL™ offers greater opportunity  for successful launches due to the fact that the software is tailor made for the APQP methodology. Explicit decision support in the form of dashboards and deviation reports is always available in real time and can be tailored quickly and easily to each function and user.


Analyze supplier plans

Using VAL™ allows you to import the supplier`s APQP plans and automatically visualize the APQP status. Any deviations will directly be identified. The major advantage is that you can focus on solving the problems instead of spending time on finding them. Supplier plans can be in the form of Microsoft Excel or, if the supplier use VPL®, XML.


Early warning

VAL™ accumulates all relevant project information, from the lowest to the highest level, and visualizes it into clear decision support in the form of status dashboards and deviation reports. VAL™ identifies deviations well before they actually occur. Deviations that affect the APQP targets are visualized immediately to all team members and in a manner that clearly highlights  the reason for the deviation and any consequences, thus preventing the project APQP targets from being compromised.

VAL™ can be used integrated with VPL® or as a separate application.