Virtual Project Leader®

Project management system for complex product development - Impossible tasks requires something extra.

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Development projects with total control

VPL® is tailored for complex tasks as in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industry. All project data is gathered in one system and made available to the entire project team. The cross-functional teamwork is strengthened as planning data between purchasing, engineering, testing etcetera are exchanged in real time.

You get support directly in the planning process as VPL® indicates non-logical planning, delays or when the planning exceeds deadlines.

VPL® also streamlines the project status reporting. Instead of spending time on creating status reports, these are generated automatically via email.


One Click Report™

With VPL® you are never more than one click away from total control of your development projects. With One Click Report™, both status and deviations of all critical project parameters are visualized in real time, directly from actual planning. The reports are customized for each user and is delivered with the desired frequency via email.

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Personal decision support

VPL® offers personal decision support in form of dashboards and deviation reports, always available in real time. These can be tailored quickly and easily to each function and user. With VPL® you can analyze an infinitely large volume of project data while keeping track of all changes that occur along the way. At the same time you can see very clearly the implications for other parts of the project. This means that at any given point you know the exact status and what action needs to be taken.

Early warning

VPL® visualizes both current status and planned future status, discovering deviations well before they actually occur. Deviations that affect the project plan are visualized immediately to all team members concerned, and the reason for the deviation and any consequences are highlighted. This saves time and cost and prevents the risk of poor quality filtering through to the customer.

Full transparency

VPL® creates a very distinctive project structure, all the way from project level down to detail level. You can move easily and conveniently from an optional overall level down to the detail level. With VPL® you have full transparency throughout the project.

Analyze supplier plans

VPL® allows you to easily import and analyze complex supplier plans. The status will automatically be visualized and any deviations directly identified. The major advantage is that you can focus on solving the problems instead of spending time on finding them. Supplier plans can be in the form of Microsoft Excel or, if the supplier use VPL®, XML.