Advice based on actual project experience

The advice from VPL Ai® is based on the knowledge of your most experienced employees. VPL Ai® will calculate and give you the best plan for your task – this by taking into account both past experience and current project requirements. VPL Ai® continuously monitors your progress and advises you on what’s most important now. By highlighting the risks and giving advice on how to solve them, you always have full control over your task.

Constantly smarter

VPL Ai® gets smarter in two ways. The project members can adjust VPL Ai®’s recommended priorities through a voting procedure and thereby modify the algorithms. VPL Ai® continuously checks the actual project result and, if necessary, changes the algorithms. This is to increase the opportunities for better advice and results in future projects.

Some of the benefits

VPL Ai® will save time and increase the project quality by automate and streamline your project management. You give the project teams better control of their tasks. They can focus on problem solving and easily utilize experiences from previous projects. All individual team members gets access to the information they need to carry out their tasks in the best possible way.

Advice at any time from any device

VPL Ai® contains Ai-driven algorithms and a web interface. Each team member can easily access the data at any time and from any device. VPL Ai® can be customized for each specific engineering area and integrated with the most common planning systems.