1 March, 2022

LEQM and Spinit in cooperation

LEQM has reached an agreement with Spinit AB that Spinit will take over the delivery and product responsibility for LEQM’s products.

25 October, 2021

Project support with AI on its way into the automotive industry

Read the article about VPL Ai®, based on an interview with our CEO Robert Wigemo.

26 March, 2021

VPL Digital Sprint Board® 2.0 – loaded with new unique features

In our recently launched version 2.0 of VPL DSB®, we introduce some new strong features.

8 September, 2020

Systemite digitize their daily standups with VPL DSB®

By using VPL DSB® combined with a smart screen, Systemite will from now on manage their daily standups digitally.

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