Built-in Project Intelligence

VPL® is a project management system with built-in project intelligence. In VPL`s project office, you define the best plan for all project tasks and creates standard reports for everyone to download and subscribe to via e-mail. You only need one click to get your project planned based on the best knowledge from your most experienced project members.

Automated status reporting - tailored for each user

Visualize project progress by simply download a Global Report or create your own personal report. Subscribe to the report via email - delivered at any frequency. The data is always current, updated in real time from actual planning. The reports can be exported to excel, pp & e-mail.

Access to a short video showing how to create your own report and subscription

Full transparency

VPL® creates a very distinctive project structure, all the way from project down to detail level. You can move easily and conveniently between the levels, when it suits you. With VPL® you also have full transparency throughout the project.

Integrate with JIRA and get full control

By integrating VPL® with JIRA, you can take advantage of all the VPL® features for your issues. You can easily link an issue to a part plan and visualize the issues, and their status, together with the part activities and project gates - this in one view.

Watch our video ”Top 5 Features using VPL for Jira issues”

User portal

Our user portal offers instructional videos, quick guides and FAQs to help you get to know the VPL® software.