Auto-generated status and risk reports

LEQM/VPL® analyzes plans and status for all hardware and software in the database and automatically creates status and risk reports per project area. The reports are available to all users and visualize today's status and planned status at project gates together with identified risks. The reports can be subscribed to via email at any frequency, you do not need to have access to the application to receive these reports.

Access to a short video showing how to create your own report and subscription

Full transparency

VPL® creates a very distinctive project structure, all the way from project down to detail level. You can move easily and conveniently between the levels, when it suits you. With VPL® you also have full transparency throughout the project.

Integrate with JIRA and get full control

By integrating VPL® with JIRA, you can take advantage of all the VPL® features for your issues. You can easily link an issue to a part plan and visualize the issues, and their status, together with the part activities and project gates - this in one view.

Watch our video ”Top 5 Features using VPL for Jira issues”

User portal

Our user portal offers instructional videos, quick guides and FAQs to help you get to know the VPL® software.