Project management evolution

LEQM was founded in Gothenburg in 1994. By working with project management in the automotive industry for several years, we identified that existing project management systems did not measure up. Too often complex Excel configurations were used, even in large, complex projects. We realized that this way of working was extremely sub-optimal and we started to develop a better method to plan complex development tasks – the LEQM method. After using this method in several car projects, we developed a supporting software – VPL® Virtual Project Leader in 2001.

Project Management System
Our project management system VPL® is today used by a number of customers in Europe, China and the USA and is a standard/best practice planning tool in two of Sweden’s leading car companies.

Artificial Project Coach
Our new product VPL Ai® is an artificial project coach equipped with AI-driven algorithms. VPL Ai® streamlines and increases the quality of the project management process. It is pre-loaded with data from your most experienced project members and continuous learning from actual project results. VPL Ai® can be customized for each specific engineering area and integrated with most common planning systems.